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I am a full time architectural and portrait photographer based in southern California.

Both inside and outside, natural and artificial, the space around us defines the way we think, behave, and feel throughout our entire lives.

Every constructed building and space has a story and a function, and every person, or group of people, has a sense of their own natural, comfortable place in the world.

I am on a constant personal search to find the way humans and places fit together, both consciously and subconsciously, and to project that relationship in a natural and authentic way.

When I am not pointing a camera at something, or otherwise giving my all to my clients and family, I seek out special moments and adventures, and try to surf, hike camp, and run as much as possible.

Also, I cook. A lot.

I travel for fun and work throughout the US and internationally. 

If a plane, truck, or boat goes there. I do.


Scope of Needs
Total Budget
$1000 - $5000
> $5000
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